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Recorded and produced by Daniel Kerr at Avenue Studios.

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EP Reviews

I can honestly say that Their Gigs are not forgotten, and that’s not because of Stephen’s propensity for being told off for climbing on anything that he can reach, but also because the band exudes energy and the crowd reacts appropriately. The problem with a band that play so well live is that, sometimes, they struggle to maintain such energy on recordings. I have come to the conclusion that Confessions Of A Traitor do not find themselves in this predicament as the EP is every bit as engaging as their live performance. – Elieen Bate, Devils Gate Media

When a band are bigged up by the media before the rest of the scene has yet to really hear them, alarm bells ring. However, in the case of Essex riffers Confessions Of A Traitor, the hype is well and truly justified.  Quite simply, the quality of musicianship here is fucking frightening and it certainly won’t be long before these five chaps from Essex will be making some serious headway in the metal scene. With this beast of an EP as a springboard, if the band keep progressing at the rate they are doing, it really won’t be long before the heavyweights of the metalcore scene start to look nervously over their shoulders. – Graham Finnery, Planet Loud

It is very difficult to describe the absolute mayhem that befell that small room when COAT was finally on. If you can imagine one whole room full to the brim with people turning into one large circle pit, then you might get a small idea of how absolutely insane their set was. The atmosphere in the room exploded and it seemed as if every single person in the room had suddenly become a professional “throw downer”. Walls were climbed, sweat was poured, crowd surfers surfed, breakdowns were had and a girl was flattened in the midst of a wall of death. Absolutely, mental.

I have been to a lot of different sized shows and this was without a doubt one of the finest, most memorable shows I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I can only hope that one day this band is given the opportunity to perform in front of larger crowds, as they definitely deserve it. If you haven’t already checked them out, I strongly advise you get their EP now before you miss out on the evolution that is Confessions Of A Traitor. – Erin Large, Planet Loud

Metalcore and hardcore have been stagnating as genres for quite some time now and need a new band and a new voice to push it in different directions. ‘Seasons’ may just be the kick that the genres need. A great first leg out for this relatively new band and a great start to what could be a horizon of opportunities. Seasons represents everything that Confessions Of A Traitor are right now: bold, energetic and full of ideas. But if you really want the full effect you HAVE to see these guys live, they put on a great show. - Simon Hall, Metal Mouth